Our Team

Pallavi Kanoi

Vice President

Behind the success of Farganic lies the hard work of a dedicated team of which Pallavi Kanoi is an important member. She is associated with Farganic in her capacity as an advisor and spokesperson.

Her invaluable experience in purchasing of raw materials, production and blending is helping Farganic to grow strong. She has been helping Farganic by developing new and innovative products range.

She is passionate about her work and dedicates herself to it. Yet, she finds time to enjoy herself either through reading books, going for fitness training or by traveling to newer places.

Arun Arora

Additional Director

With an extensive experience of 14 years in Sales and Marketing, Mr Arun Arora is currently serving as an Additional Director at Farganic. Under his leadership Farganic Aims to achieve its goal in opening new markets. His deep understanding of traditional sales will boost efforts of winning new business as well as Farganic goal of increase market share.